I’m a multitasker to the max. Well, maybe more like a do everything-er.

I’m the kind of person who has her hand in 20 different buckets at once. Jack of all trades style. The thing is, I have many interests. And I love finding ways for them to all work together.

Here’s my journey.

Kid Laura was often found reading or writing a book, putting on “performances” for her family (mostly singing and dancing), doing crafts, cooking “special” meals for my parents (which was most likely spaghetti), or off brushing and naming cows at her aunt and uncle’s farm down the road.

As small-town girl, the importance of working hard and being kind to others was ingrained into my being.

I lived in the art room during high school. I enjoyed drawing and painting — sculpture not so much. I also loved using words as art. Then I went to college and on the road to self-discovery, I found copywriting. It combined my love for writing with creative thinking and problem-solving.

During my internships as a copywriter, I started learning more about my craft. On the side, I still kept my visual artistic side alive, and continued learned about design and photography.

Throughout my college career, I worked at the GAP and I learned some very useful skills. I learned about how to dress different body types so I could help people find outfits they loved. I also enjoyed choosing and styling outfits for mannequins. This led to wardrobe and prop styling. I have worked on a few video and photo shoots, and I love helping make visions come to life.

I’m organized. Like, weirdly organized. I love everything from planning to executing, and make sure everything gets done in between. If someone I know wants help getting something done, I’m their first call.

So, I like and do a lot. And I’d love to use one or twenty of my skills on your next project. Let's talk.